Monday, July 30, 2007

I don't like Mondays

Shoot the whole day down.

I have a little time for a rant, since I have to wait and wait for more stupid stuff. This day didn't go well. I was working with some Sharepoint templates that had interrelated webparts. They work well until you try to transport them to some other site collection. The solution is to fix the GUIDs of the various pieces. The new Sharepoint Designer has a wonderful replace feature that lets you look through everything in a site and replace stuff like this. The problem is designer is pretty stupid and has a bug whereby it somehow gets {(guid)} and makes {{guid)}} out of it. I saw it with my own eyes. I ended up deleting two test sites today instead of trying to fix them after Sharepoint Designer got through fixing them.

Other things went poorly today as well. This is the life of a curmudgeon.

Bob Klass
July 30, 2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Marino, Zappa, Triathlon and Scion

I think I'll blow my wad and write about all the topics that are current. I could spread this out, but I won't.

Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush at the Cleveland House of Blues on Friday (July 27, 2007) was a great show. I've known of Marino for years, and have a few of his recordings, but I did not know what to expect for the live show. I went with my old friend Nick and we got some last minute, slightly-obstructed-view balcony seats. The balcony at the HOB has outstanding sound (although I otherwise despise the venue because of the tax abatements they were given - that was unnecessary, other local venues got nothing).

My thought was that just one Marino's virtuoso guitar solos would make it worthwhile. What we got was 2 hours and 47 minutes of guitar solos (and we left before it was over). That was only 8 songs (sort of a medley thrown in there) for 2:47. The last song was 47 minutes when we left. It was a great sounding show, and Schoolboy made a very nice recording on his H120 Rockbox.

"Zappacaine" - That's what I think Schoolboy should call the recording of the Zappa show at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights last night (July 28, 2007). A number of friends and acquaintances were part of the packed house in attendance at this lovely outdoor venue. I love coming to Cain Park and Schoolboy got a better than expected recording.

The Zappa band we saw ran though mostly different material than the Zappa Plays Zappa we saw in Canton last winter. The Frank Zappa video duets were extremely well done and well received by this very discerning crowd. This was also a long show (about 2 1/2 hours), but not as mentally challenging as the Zappa show we saw in Canton, and in contrast to Mahogany Rush, was FAR more varied and interesting.

The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Triathlon was this morning (July 29, 2007). I have run this one many times, seemingly, always with the same result. I did it in 1:31:16, which is about what it has taken me every time. I had some cramps and had to get off the bike (in the same place as last year), and I had some cramps early in the run. Otherwise, it went fine. I was pretty tired afterwards. My co-worker, Mona (the Ringer) Lombardi and her friend Debbie were there. Mona said she was going to speed walk the run, and ended up running the whole thing. She beat me by a few seconds, but she never caught up with the ten minute head start (staggered start), as I thought might happen. I think she beat Debbie too, and that wasn't supposed to happen. We won't invite her next time! :-)

(click on slideshow to see bigger versions)

It was a good time and the weather, water, and conditions in general were beautiful. The water inside the breakwall was surprisingly warm and clean (I would guess 78+/- degrees). Afterwards I snoozed in the sun for a half hour before resuming our quest:

Nautical Blue Scion tC - We decided to buy a new Scion to replace the '99 Sentra SE Limited Matt is taking off to Purdue. The tC has the right combination of performance, comfort, do-dads, and coolness (it's cooler than it is good looking - more cute that beautiful). We had been on a quest to see certain colors, so we could pick. Pictures won't do - you have to see a car. The dealer close to home hadn't really done very well in that regard. We were wanting to see "flint mica" and "nautical blue" (we liked the black they had too). I called around to a bunch of the Cleveland area Scion dealers and on the 5th one found some of these in stock. So we putzed about 25 miles over to a place in Bedford. They had a new 2007 that had a ton of stuff on it, including the radio and safety equipment that became standard on the 2008's, and the spoiler we like. It also had a $1000 ground effects kit and a $449 sub woofer (that sounds terrible) - neither of which were things we would have bought. He offered us a really good deal (a good $1k off), but it's still $600 more than an '08 without the unnecessary stuff. I'm leaning towards passing and just getting an '08. We really like the new head and tail lights they have too.

At least I am pretty sure we have settled on Nautical Blue! Click on the picture to see more.

Bob Klass
July 29, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

Cleveland is Swarming with People

It's a good thing when this town gets cooking in the summer. Rightfully, it is the only time it should get a strong tourist business. The weather is usually outstanding (and it can be soooo bad the rest of the year). Unfortunately, we've had a string of rainy weather that won't completely end until tomorrow, but it doesn't seem to have killed the cool events.

Last night I went to the Scene Music Festival. It consisted of 36 regional bands in 7 bars (some had two stages). The evening started with a huge thunderstorm, but after that things dried out. I was pleasantly surprised to see the street and bars filled (jammed as the night went on). It was a younger crowd and just a very good time. I caught at least pieces of about 10 bands.

At 7 AM this morning, there were two national TV shows doing live remotes from Cleveland. I went to the one for the CBS Early Show. Patti Smith performed a handful of numbers over the course of the two hours. It was raining steadily right up until things started, and then it stopped and the sun even came out. Patti was wonderful. She is a treasure. She made me cry!

One more bloggish comment - I hope to get some pictures, audio and video of all this posted. I have a lot of crude stuff that I did with my cell phone (Samsung A-727). I've just been pretty busy, and will continue to be for the next several days.

Bob Klass
July 27, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Concerts, concerts, concerts

Anybody who knows me knows that I love to go to shows. I avoid most (but not all) of the big arena shows, but I try to get out often to clubs and stuff. The next three days are exceptional.

Tonight is 36 bands, one night, $5. I'm sure to get my money's worth. Especially since I signed up early online and got a coupon for a free t-shirt.

Tomorrow morning it's Patti Smith in front of the Rock Hall for live TV - CBS Early Show. Patti Freakin Smith. She just doesn't seem to come to Cleveland, but all of a sudden (with very little announcement), she will be here tomorrow.

Tomorrow night is Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush (at the hated, but great sounding Cleveland House of Blues). My dear old friend Nick is a big fan. I think it will be worth the very reasonable $25 (for one of the good seats) just for one good Frank Marino solo. Check out the one aptly called "guitar solo."

Saturday is Zappa Plays Zappa. I saw the previous touring version of this in Canton, Ohio last winter. The one with Terry Bozzio, Steve Vai, and Napoleon Murphy Brock. This one has different personnel.

Enough wasting time blogging - I have Sharepoint things to attend to. The lawyer I was helping has been extremely successful in his blog, by the way. It's one of the most visited legal blogs!

Bob Klass