Friday, October 27, 2006

Microsoft SharePoint

Greetings! My motives for starting this blog are good. I must feed my family (although we have some decent reserves built up around the waistline!) and I have two kids I am putting through college. But I need to understand the process of setting one of these up so I can help some professionals at my place of employment get started with a blog. So this is work, sort of.

Actually, it would be of little interest for me to further describe the work aspect of creating this blog, so I will pick a topic of personal and professional interest (after all, if work isn't interesting, you don't have a very good job). My work IS very interesting (to me) because I am lucky enough to have been working in the information technology field for the last 17 years or so.

My topic is, my adventures with Microsoft SharePoint.

Since blogs which ramble on about a person's history are incredibly boring, I will pick topics that are hot with me right now, and back fill the history as I see I can.