Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Rock Hall's Power of Rock Experience - A Review

The Rock Hall replaced the "hall of fame video" with a new projection and audio system and a new film. The old film was a recap of each years' inductees. If you sat through the whole thing is was pretty long (an hour+, I think), but the video was pretty cool and the audio outstanding.

The new system includes new screens that move, fake lights to shine on the audience' faces, fake speakers that light up, rumble seats (seats that vibrate), and a very short video (not even 15 minutes, I don't think). It's rubbish.

The new setup has little I would salvage if I were fixing it. The seating is just OK, but it could stay. The screens are stupid - their movement does nothing to enhance the experience - they need to go. The video is crap - show anything else. The sound is OK - I wonder if they maybe just used the same old stuff - they were fine - and added some new rumble to the mess. Keep the sound but get rid of the horrible fake speakers with light.

I am embarrassed by the whole thing. Fortunately the rest of the museum has not completely lost its way, but this exhibit is crap.

Monday, April 24, 2017

"Cleveland, City of Light, ...

... City of Magic"
- Randy Newman

This nifty resource lists bigger buildings in the city:

Good reference for your perusal.

You were expecting Paul McCartney?

Yes, I guess I was. I should know better than to set my sights so high.

Brian Wilson and his band of very accomplished players came to the Hard Rock Rocksino stage in Northfield (Cleveland) Ohio on April 22, 2017. I had seen the Beach Boys several times over the years, but never with Brian Wilson. Having seen some of the recent videos and heard the great Smile album that was re-recorded (by this band?), I was expecting a high-brow musical experience with this, the Pet Sounds tour. What I got was closer to a Mike Love Beach Boys show without the charismatic front man.

The sound was the worst I have heard in this venue. The kick drum pretty much drowned out anything else. Everything else was just OK, but with the kick booming, who could hear it. There were some good vocal and instrumental performances that got ruined.

The song selection was very much just popular Beach Boys plus Pet Sounds. I was hoping for a greater experience from my first (and only) Brian Wilson show, but what I got was just OK.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Nicky Hopkins’ Greatest Hits

  1. Blues De Luxe (Jeff Beck - Truth)
  2. Gettin In Tune (really, all over Who’s Next)
  3. Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder
  4. Loving Cup - the Glimmer Twins
  5. Drowned - The Who
  6. Edward’s Thrump Up
  7. Highland Fling
  8. Volunteers of America
  9. Baby’s House - Steve Miller

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Simple SharePoint List Item Validation Example

Sometimes SharePoint validation can be touchy. This is a simple example of ...

If you answer "Yes" then you must also complete this other field.

VPN is a choice field. VPN Justification is a single line of text.

The formula is:

=IF(VPN="Yes",LEN([VPN Justifiction])>2,TRUE)

and the User Message is:

VPN justification must be completed

Simple and effective.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Setting a Due Date

This formula worked real well as

  • a calculated default value 
  • on a date only field 
  • to set the due date to today plus two 
  • and accounting for weekends:


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Concert Venue Ratings

As a seasoned and opinionated concert goer, listing venues strengths and weaknesses seems like it would be interesting and fun. When it is all said and done, we will see if it is useful for the global good. These will be mostly venues in and around Cleveland, Ohio, my home town. The posting will expand as time permits and experience grows. These will be generous at the top - there is room for plenty of grade A venues.

Agora, Cleveland, Ohio
No matter what they've done to try to improve this once great opera hall, it is a dump. Surprisingly good bathrooms. Scary hall and neighborhood. Excellent sound on the bottom. The top is more like an arena for some reason. Bad bar. The old Cleveland Agora on E21st was a dump too, but with low ceilings. They used to have shows in a smaller room here, and that was OK.
Akron Civic Auditorium, Akron, Ohio
Older auditorium with decent acoustics. Older seating. Weak concessions.
Allen Theater, Cleveland, Ohio
Wonderfully renovated. Great sound, comfortable seats and good sight lines. The old version of the theater was big and beat up but not a bad venue either.
Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio
The Beachland has the best vibe of any concert venue. The ballroom sounds better than it has a right to, thanks to Mike Miller. The room is too square and isn't right acoustically, but Mike gets it to sound just fine.
Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, Ohio
The tavern shares the vibe of the ballroom, just smaller. Both have good bars.
Blossom Music Center Peninsula, Ohio
Outdoor venue that feels more like a stadium or festival. Huge. Close in can be intense, though. OK sound that is like a festival in back. Horrible for orchestra. Concessions passible.
Cain Park, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Nice outdoor setting. OK sound (rattles around a lot). Stupid moat in front of stage. There is a bar and food, but not much selection.
B Connor Palace, Cleveland Great for plays if you don't have a seat that really sucks. The nose bleeds can get really cramped.
E J Thomas, Akron, Ohio
Great sound and decent seating. Multiple high balconies. Weak concession. Needs upkeep.
Foster Theater (Rock Hall), Cleveland, Ohio
Intimate theater with great sound for smallish events. Comfortable seating. First class.
Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville, Tennessee
Great sound, seating and consessions. 1970’s modern facility that works and has character.
Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
This is the ideal stand-up bar venue. Small, quirky. Great bar. Things always sound OK.
Hard Rock Rocksino, Northfield, Ohio
Good sound everywhere. Flat floor seating with a few risers in the back. No class. Very weak bar. Interesting location.
House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio
Great sound everywhere. OK bar (it used to be much worse). Somewhat over priced. It's a great place for a concert.
Kent Stage, Kent, Ohio
OK sound and not too big. Poor seats. Bad bathrooms. Dumpy old movie theater.
Lakewood Civic Auditorium, Lakewood, Ohio
Large older auditorium. Decent sound and sight lines. Cramped. Feels like a high school (because it is).
Mahall’s, Lakewood, Ohio
Good sound. Garage quality seating but clean and unique. Good bar.
Mentor Performing Arts, Mentor, Ohio
Large modern auditorium. Good sound. Comfortable seats. Doesn’t feel too much like a High School (though it is).
A Music Box Good sound, seating, food, even the ticket prices aren't that bad. Spiffy clean place. Great venue.
Nautica Stage, Cleveland, Ohio
Mediocre sound. Poor seats. Concessions vary. Large venue feel. Nice setting.
Nighttown, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Next to jazz club in the dictionary should be a picture of this place. Surprisingly good sound, good food, good bar, good vibe.
Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio
Sound is never good pretty much anywhere. Seating usually uncomfortable (sometime very much so). Usually very weak concessions. Old school arena. The Music Hall side of the venue is seldom used anymore. It was much better.
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
Usually decent sound. Huge venue with high altitude seating. Modern.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Lobby, Cleveland, Ohio
Very tricky sound – usually not the best. Temporary or no seating. Fun for often memorable events.
Severence Hall, Cleveland, Ohio
Acoustic music sounds great here - anywhere in the hall (even way up high in the back). Amplified music rattles around and doesn't work very well. I preferred the 1960's configuration with panels on the ceiling. The seats are great. The bar is usually limited.
State Theater, Cleveland, Ohio
Mediocre sound and sight lines. Unfortunately this venue is used for a good number of musical events.
Wilberts, Cleveland, Ohio
OK sound. Quirky seating. Good food. Bar is good but have had stale beer on taps. Clean.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

SharePoint Double Encoding Space in URL to %2520 - An Easy Solution

I got bit by SharePoint double-encoding a %20 (space) in a list name when I tried to rename a customized display form used in that list.

Now, mind you, these are two things I always avoid - spaces in list names and customized forms. But I inherited these, and then I proceeded to muck it up with the rename. The result was that links on tasks that went back to the list were double encoded - the % in %20 becomes an incredibly insidious %25, which is just a horrible thing in a web browser.

Now you might want to try some simple workaround or fix, like a redirect or something, but touching that %25 is real hard. I found a great solution using jQuery to rewrite the URLs. I did not try this but it seemed like it would work.

I found that if I renamed the list without any characters to encode, the links were all fixed.

Next I wanted to put the list back to the original name. This turned out to be impossible. No matter how I did this, SharePoint was nice enough to double encode the thing and make it %2520.

So the answer is to permanently change the URL for the list to not have any encoded characters (spaces, etc.). If need be, you could do some sort of redirect for anything with the old name, but this is largely unnecessary as SharePoint really does a good job with fixing all the URLS (just as it broke some of them).