Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Indians Win It, The Indians Win It, OMYGODTHEINDIANSWINIT

I cried hard today. Almost As hard as I cried when I sat in crappy outfield seats at Jacobs Field with Gayle and Matt and Holly in 1995 and watched the Indians clinch against the Orioles. That was special because in my lifetime (b. 1957) they had never won anything. They've now won the division seven times, but being an Indian FAN has been tough. You have to wait and then savor the win! In case you didn't notice, the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball Team won the American League Central Division Championship this afternoon. Go Tribe!

It happened on a perfect Northeast Ohio September afternoon, capping an outstanding week of beautiful weather. I hope that when the weather turns a little colder for the playoffs in October things don't go sour. The one player that really complained about not being able to play when it got cold has not been a factor since then (Andy Marte - shame on him). I am thrilled for the team. Congratulations!

Today I got a chance to catch some rays and get out and run and ride my bike. And sit (and jump) in front of the TV watching the Indians!

Back in 1997 I had just put in my pool and it had not been open very long so I kept it open throughout the World Series. I remember we all went in the pool even though it snowed during game 5 (heater a blazing). My pool is closed for the season this year (bummer, but a reality around here - too many leaves falling and too few nice days to swim). Lets hope that we'll be watching them in the Series again this year.

While I am on a sports kick, go Buckeyes and Boilermakers! Both my kids Big Ten teams are undefeated. Lets hope they are are still perfect when they meet October 6th. I don't know who to cheer!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feature Removal from Site Template

This may be useful. I came up with an interesting way to force users to use our templates and prevent use of the out-of the box versions. By removing the "feature" from the site template manifest we can prevent something from showing up on the Create page. We start by hacking the manifest out of the stp file (when we are done, we re-save the stp [cab] file).

< id="00bfea71-7e6d-4186-9ba8-c047ac750105">
< id="00bfea71-de22-43b2-a848-c05709900100">
< id="00bfea71-e717-4e80-aa17-d0c71b360101">

Remove whatever features you like. You can see which are which from a Create page within a site.

In my site, Document Library was removed. This will also remove any customized document library list templates (which I didn't want to happen). But we can get those back with a URL like this on a page:

< href="_layouts/new.aspx?NewPageFilename=CaseLinkDocLib%2Estp&FeatureId={00bfea71-e717-4e80-aa17-d0c71b360101}&ListTemplate=101">New Document Library < /a >

That's generic and will work in any site.

It's a simple enough hack. Is there a better way?

Post Script:
When you RE-save a template, you have to re-apply this hack - all the features go back to the defaults for the site collection.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Famous people, musicians etc. I've met, talked to, etc.

It seemed like this would make for a non-boring topic, and serve as an entry to cue my memory. I'm sure I will never remember everyone, but I will keep trying and add more to the post.

The criteria are for making this list are fluid. I have to remember the meeting. For athletes, the criteria are higher than for musicians (Dave Justice or Sandy Alomar won't make it). Touching or almost meeting (as I did with Lenny Kravitz, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Buddy Guy, Leon Russell or Pete Townsend) doesn't count. Politicians would have to kiss my ass to make my list.

Adrian Belew - King Crimson, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Bears; at Rock Hall, Beachland twice
Dennis A. Bell - Lords of the Highway; (known them for a long time now)
Chuck Berry - Rock and Roll Pioneer; met at the Rock Hall ground breaking
Selwyn Birchwood - Blues guitarist; 8-10-2016 at Beachland Ballroom
Bill Bruford - Drummer (Yes, King Crimson, etc.) 4-18-2018 at the Rock Hall
Michael Carabello - Percussionist-Santana; met at Plahouse Square, Cleveland 11-14-2009
Eric Carmen - Grammy winning singer, song writer; met at party circa 1979
Chris Chew - North Mississippi Allstars; met at Odeon
Deborah Coleman - Blues artist; met at the Beachland
Amy Cook - Singer songwriter; Beachland April 6, 2014
Larry Coryell - Jazz guitarist; Nighttown May 3, 2014
James Dashner - Author (Maze Runner); 9-29-2016 at Cuyahoga County Library, Parma
Rick Derringer - guitarist-producer, The McCoys, Edgar Winter, etc. 10-26-2012 Rock Hall
Cody Dickinson - North Mississippi Allstars; son of Jim; met at Odeon 2000
Luther Dickinson - North Mississippi Allstars and Black Crowes; son of Jim; met at Odeon
Donovan Leitch - Singer, songwriter, poet; at Rock Hall Library 9-10-2013
Geoff Downes - keyboard for Yes, The Buggles, Asia - 10-9-2012 Rock Hall
Andy Dunlop - Lead guitarist of Travis; met at the Beachland 10-29-2009
Bob Feller - Hall of Fame baseball pitcher; met at several Drug Mart signings
Ray Fosse -  Catcher; Cleveland Indians first ever draft pick; Cleveland Stadium
Jimmy Hall - Lead singer Wet Willie, Jeff Beck; Hard Rock Rocksino May 15, 2015
Fran Healy - Lead singer of Travis; a really, really nice guy. Beachland 10-29-2009
Nona Hendryx - Singer; met at Playhouse Square, Cleveland 11-14-2009
Toots Hibbert - Reggae pioneer; met at the Rock Hall
Taylor Hicks - singer, American Idol winner; at Palace Theater, Cleveland May 20, 2010
Steve Howe - guitarist from Yes, Asia - 10-9-2012 at Rock Hall
Kristine Jackson - Cleveland blues singer songwriter. 2-22-2015 Beachland.
Glyn Johns - recording engineer (Stones, Who, etc.) - 11-15-2014 at Rock Hall Library
Stanley Jordan - jazz guitarist and pianist - 3-22-2013 at Nighttown
Steve Jordan - drummer and more, Keith Richards - 10-26-2012 at Rock Hall
Kevin Junior - of Chamber Strings - 9-6-2014@Cleveland House of Blues (opened for Paul Weller)
Jorma Kaukonen - lead guitar Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane; Rock Hall 11-12-2009
Bobby Keys - Sax player Rolling Stones, etc.; shook hands at concert; again 10-17-2012 at Rock Hall
Al Kooper - Seminal rocker, producer; met at the Beachland
Eddie Kramer - Engineer, producer of Hendrix and so many more; met at Rock Hall
Bert Lams - California Guitar Trio - 2/21/2006 - at Beachland
David Lawrence - Split Lip Rayfield; met at the Beachland
Albert Lee - Guitar legend. 2-22-2015 at the Beachland
Mike Love - Beachboys; 9/28/2016 at the Rock Hall
Pat Martino - Jazz Guitarist, Nighttown, Cleveland Heights, 4-17-2015
Glen Matlock - Sex Pistols, Rock Hall 3/18/2014
John Mayall - Blues legend; talked to him at Peabody's (but didn't see him play!)
Mike McCartney - Performer, photographer, brother of Paul McCartney, met at Rock Hall 6-26-2008
Country Joe McDonald - ... and the Fish; met at Playhouse Square, Cleveland 11-14-2009
Roger McGuinn - The Byrds, met at the Rock Hall
Scott McKeon - blues guitarist - 11/2007 - Wilberts
Sylvan Mizrahi - rocker Sylvain Sylvain IS the New York Dolls; Rock Hall 3/18/2014
Hideyo Moriya - California Guitar Trio - 2/21/2006 - at Beachland
Mark O'Donnell - Tony Award winning writer; school, was good friend of my sister
Steve O'Donnell - Emmy Award winning writer; school, was good friend of my sister
Carl Palmer - drummer Emerson Lake and Palmer, Asia - 10-9-2012 at Rock Hall
Les Paul - Guitarist (invented solid body guitar); met at the Rock Hall
Billy Preston - Famous rock pianist; Beatles, Stones, etc.; met at Rock Hall
Paul Richards - California Guitar Trio - 2/21/2006 - at Beachland
Robbie Robertson - The Band; met at the Rock Hall
Gregg Rolie - Santana and Journey; met at Playhouse Square, Cleveland 11-14-2009
Glen Schwartz - Guitarist; in the Beachland parking lot.
Frank Shorter - Olympic Gold Medal winning marathon runner, met in Pittsburgh 
John Simon - Famous producer, pianist; met at Rock Hall
Eric and Julie Slick - Drummer and bassist; met at Rock Hall and Beachland
Sylvan Sylvain - see Sylvain Mizrahi
Patti Smith - Punk rock poet; met at Rock Hall (barely counts - spoke to her in crowd)
JD Souther - Singer songwriter; 12-10-2011 at Nighttown, Cleveland Hts.
Kasim Sulton - Bassist(Todd Rundgren, Meat Loaf) keyboardist, vocalist 9-26-2009 at Rock Hall
Patrick Sweany - Rock and soul artist; met at the Beachland
Melvin Taylor - Great blues guitarist; met at Wilbert's 12-29-2007
Jim Thome - Future Hall of Fame baseball player; met at signing at a car dealership
Glenn Tilbrook - Squeeze, singer, songwriter, guitarist - 10-17-2013 at the Beachland
Lucinda Williams - Singer songwriter; met at Playhouse Square, Cleveland 11-14-2009
Edgar Winter - Frankenstein! Met in Tower City; July 1998
Ron Wood - Rolling Stones, Faces; met at the Rock Hall
Bill Wyman - Rolling Stones; met at the Rock Hall

Friday, September 14, 2007

Forbidden Broadway, SVU

I went with Gayle to see "Forbidden Broadway, SVU" last night at the Hanna Theater. We had front row seats - practically in the show. It's a very witty send up of all things Broadway. Some old, some new. Very irreverent.

The show consists of four talented singer/dancer/actors, a piano player and a lot of costume changes (a LOT). It's about 90 minutes of non-stop humor.

I was a little worried that I would not get all the jokes. I didn't get them all, but enough of it was obvious enough to be very funny to anyone. Unless you just don't like Broadway style musical stuff, I'd recommend the show to anyone. It will be playing the Hanna until December 2.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Find the Frontier

In 1992, the studio band The Division of Music, created a masterpiece called Find the Frontier. I worked very hard with Mark Adams and Don Mercier in the old "Litterbox Studio" (at my old house) to put it together. The songs were all originals except for one Frank Zappa song ("Lucille Has Messed Up My Mind").

A great deal of effort went into the writing, recording and mixing of this album. It included detailed liner notes and original artwork.

Link: Artwork scans

I don't know how many copies of the album were made. Back in the day, they were on cassettes, and I think something like 120 were done. It was all extremely high quality - metal tape and stuff. Then, when we did CD's, I completely lost track of how many were made. I would guess there are 200+ in circulation (or more likely, in a land fill).

In an effort to spread the joy I still get when hearing this great album, I will push it in a more modern digital media (even though I dislike compressed audio). At first it will be just some links from this blog, but I really think it could use a myspace too. That might bring more new people to the music. Listen and enjoy!

The Golden Fool (Klass) - it's about stupidity
It's The Truth (Klass) - a Taoist 23rd Psalm
Lucille Has Messed Up My Mind (Zappa) - (not originally posted)
Du Hast Recht (Klass) - anti-war at all costs (especially religion) - gimmick: German lyrics
No Dogs Allowed (Adams) - Mark's bizarre dream
Frontier (Mercier) - Donnie's great instrumental
Future Peace (Adams/Klass) - anti-war, anti-hate (wishful thinking)
Nature's Playground (Adams) - captures the feeling of being one with nature

Comments certainly are welcome. Come back and listen again!