Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Easy Way How to Find SharePoint Subsite Size

Revision: All the following was fine and dandy for SP 2007, and maybe if you don't have access to Powershell. If you do, just do this:

$used = (Get-SPSiteAdministration -Identity ).DiskUsed

I was looking for a GOOD way to find out the size of subsites. It seems a lot of people are struggling with this. You could try SharePoint Designer. That's fun. When you ask it site properties, it will give you a different answer depending on what document libraries or lists you touched. Obviously that is not going to be reliable.

I'll cut to the chase (although I was trying to be as wordy as possible). This isn't a GOOD way, but it is a very simple way: 

  • open the site in Windows Explorer
  • navigate to the root of the site or subsite in question
  • right click, properties

That may be a little resource intensive - it takes a while to open. I think it may have to open a lot more than it appears just to get you that number, but there it is in the properties window. Piece of cake.

Post Script: http://www.codeplex.com/SPUsedSpaceInfo is a console app to get a CSV listing of sites and their size. Beware that the setup is pretty heavy handed - a Dotnet 3.5 SP1 installation starts right up if you aren't there already. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time Zones and Site Templates in SharePoint

This little problem had blog entry written all over it. We use a site template created in the SharePoint user interface (not Visual Studio) in several farms. Maybe we should stop that practice as it is starting to slow us down, but that's how it is currently deployed. 

Besides being a pain because the template needs to be re-saved in each site collection in order for our stuff to work right, we also have to do it to set the regional settings because:

  • When you save a site template in the SharePoint GUI, it saves the regional settings in the template.

Use this to your advantage!

See also my blog entry about how simple and straight forward time zone issues are in SharePointhttp://bobklass.blogspot.com/2008/06/regional-settings-are-simple.html.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding at the Beachland

I have been going around saying that there weren't enough shows going on in Cleveland this winter, but maybe all I had to do was open my eyes. I nearly missed a great one this Saturday at the Beachland. Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding are so important to Rockabilly and yet I almost missed it.

Once I realized I was going to go to this I started getting psyched by playing the only two things I had of Roberts - the first Link Wray thing (on vinyl, of course) and a King Biscuit of the two of them from the late seventies. By showtime I was ready.

With no opener, the "7:30 doors/8:30 show" didn't start until after 9:30. I got there 8ish (it was a nasty weather evening, as they all have been - snow and ice and cold) and got a seat right by the mixing desk. Schoolboy was there with his Zoom H2 just sitting on the table in the little acoustically transparent black bag that comes with the Zoom. That worked out just fine for the whole evening.

This rockabilly revival with a brit twist (Chris) worked beautifully. Robert did a set, Chris did a nice set in the middle (doing fine vocals, tasty guitar, etc.) and then Robert did another set. The band was just Robert and Chris with a bass plus drums rhythm section (electric bass only, and I was a little disappointed in that). The band was well rehearsed - they do a great show.

The Beachland crowd was a lively one. Mixed ages in the 25-60 range - I would say average in the 40's, though. After the show I met with Robert and Chris. They were very gracious, but Chris seemed pretty tired. 

Schoolboy's recording is outstanding - easily the best Beachland recording I have heard. The Zoom did well. At 24 bit 96 kHz, the show took up around 3.7 GB. That high resolution gives it a smooth sound and the great mic capsules in the Zoom perform well. Nice!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Indians Depth Chart - I Hope This Is Better Than It Looks

I got a little depressed today as I was reading about the trade for Mark DeRosa. That seems to have been a good trade - he must either be expensive or not have a lot of time left on his contract, because they gave up very little for a good player.

This is the depressing part - the depth chart: http://cleveland.indians.mlb.com/team/depth_chart/index.jsp?c_id=cle. It doesn't feel like a championship team. It doesn't feel like a contender. I hope that changes. I have followed Indians baseball as a fan since I was a kid. It's always fun, even if they aren't very good, but right now there doesn't seem like there is enough there to make it fun.

The pitching depth is very questionable. Almost every position is questionable. Centerfield and catcher are pretty well covered. Hopefully I will gain confidence in these guys as they show up in their new spring training site.