Monday, April 24, 2017

You were expecting Paul McCartney?

Yes, I guess I was. I should know better than to set my sights so high.

Brian Wilson and his band of very accomplished players came to the Hard Rock Rocksino stage in Northfield (Cleveland) Ohio on April 22, 2017. I had seen the Beach Boys several times over the years, but never with Brian Wilson. Having seen some of the recent videos and heard the great Smile album that was re-recorded (by this band?), I was expecting a high-brow musical experience with this, the Pet Sounds tour. What I got was closer to a Mike Love Beach Boys show without the charismatic front man.

The sound was the worst I have heard in this venue. The kick drum pretty much drowned out anything else. Everything else was just OK, but with the kick booming, who could hear it. There were some good vocal and instrumental performances that got ruined.

The song selection was very much just popular Beach Boys plus Pet Sounds. I was hoping for a greater experience from my first (and only) Brian Wilson show, but what I got was just OK.

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